I tried installing Scientific Linux 7.5 and didn't know which environment to go for. It recommended going with Minimal Install and yum installing necessary packages later. Problem is, I don't think it installed wireless-tools. So ifconfig, iw, etc. don't work, so no yum for me.

Is it possible to somehow install a new environment or packages from the bootable USB I used?

  • As this sounds like a fresh install it is almost certainly faster to run the installer again, reinstall, and install gnome. Your other option would be do download any packages you need for internet connection on another system and transfer and install, and then configure your network. – Panther Nov 1 '18 at 20:38
  • Have you tried using the ip addr command? You can use ip to configure the network. – wispi Nov 1 '18 at 21:45

If this system has a wired connection, do the following:

$ ip a

note the LAN interface; then

dhclient interface

If 'dhclient' is not present, you can try dhcpcd as:

dhcpcd interface

This should get you on the network (provided DHCP server is running on your network).

dhclient and dhcpcd are DHCP clients which discovers and requests IP addresses from DHCP server (if any, on your network)

As an example, on my Ubuntu 16.04 sandbox, I have two interfaces, 'lo' and 'enp0s3'. Latter is the LAN connection and I'd do the following in order to get the IP address:

dhclient enp0s3

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