I set for testing a virtual machine with debian machine is so configured

4 disk in raid10 software the md0(raid10) in encrypted with luks on the luks(luksmd0) I have create the vg (debian2-vg) wich finally has 2 volumes,root and swap. I configured boot in /(the latest grub2 can boot from raid,lvm and with boot in encrypted /). So I configured /etc/default/grub like this

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="root=/dev/mapper/debian2--vg-root rd.luks.uuid=21d33599-a220-zddg-1b1f-b2ae82fc0856 rd.luks.name=21d33599-a220-zddg-1b1f-b2ae82fc0856=luksmd0 rd.luks.crypttab=no rd.lvm.lv=debian2-vg/root rd.luks=1 rd.md=1"

the system boot,ask for password of /,I insert the pass and the system boot and finally...initramfs without lvm :( (the md0 exist,luksmd0 no) What I miss?

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