Currently, I have a function to find the filename, size and type; however, it includes the path as well, which I don't really need.

find . -type f -exec stat --format="%n %s %F"

which returns

directory/file size file type

Is there any way I could get it to show only the name of the file without the path using find, or do I have to use something else?


If you’re using GNU find (which I’m guessing is the case, given the tag), you can use its -printf action:

find . -type f -printf "%p %s %y\n"

(%y gives the same information as stat’s %F, as a single letter).

Alternatively, also assuming GNU find, use -execdir so that the executed command happens in the containing directory:

find . -type f -execdir stat --format="%n %s %F" {} +
  • the alternative sort of gives me what im looking for. however it returns the filenames as ./filename instead of just the filename, do you know if there is anyway if i could change this?
    – Jason Kyle
    Oct 31 '18 at 14:46

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