How can I set a bandwidth limit for a SSH connection in my lan with Ubuntu 16.04LTS?

I tried using wondershaper but it limits the entire interface.


Put this into ~/.ssh/config where 100k is the limit for the connection.

Host server1 Hostname server1-slow Port 22 proxycommand pv -q -L 100k | nc your.host.com 22

  • (0) welcome (1) use 'code' markdown (the {} button or select,ctrl+K) for 'typewriter' input and output especially where linebreaks and indentation matter as they do here (2) pv only handles data in one direction, ssh requires bidirectional (3) if you're going to hardcode the nc (instead of %h %p) setting Hostname and Port is unnecessary and misleading – dave_thompson_085 Oct 29 '18 at 4:20

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