I am looking forward to run commands and log their output in a temporary log file to be read later on by different processes.

So, for example: rc.d start ntpd > progress.txt

Returns: ::Daemon scriptntpddoes not exist or is not executable.

I assume, that since it's an error it doesn't get redirected, but, is there a way to force redirect everything to file?


You only redirect STDOUT to progress.txt but errors are normally written to STDERR.

To redirect both STDOUT and STDERR to progress.txt try:

rc.d start ntpd &> progress.txt

You'll find many additional information on this topic if you search for .

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    &> is not available in all shells (e.g. older ones), so if you are ever in one of those and wonder why &> doesn't work, it is equivalent to the more portable > file 2>&1. – jw013 Sep 11 '12 at 14:37

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