I initiated a bash script by xbindkeys as

"sleep 1;bash /home/scripts/loop.sh"

How can I bind another key, which can break this bash script?

For example, if loop.sh is 1,000 clicks by pressing KP_Add, how can I break the bash loop after 200 clicks by pressing KP_Substract?

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    So you would try to interrupt the bash script with human reflexes? Or do you want to set a signal file (or alternative) so that loop.sh knows to stop at 200? Or??? – Jeff Schaller Oct 27 '18 at 20:49
  • @JeffSchaller either way works for me. I can put a condition in the bash script to be interrupted by a key (I don't know how to do so, because it is not in the terminal) OR bind a key in xbindkey to interrupt the running script. By the way, 200 is not a preset value. I just mean interrupting the script whenever needed before the end of the loop. – Googlebot Oct 27 '18 at 21:13

I would suggest binding a key to an action that kills the script:

"pkill -f bash /home/scripts/loop.sh"

The pkill command above uses the -f option to match the given script name against the full process name; any matching process is then killed. I copied the script name directly from the KP_Add example you gave.

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