I have this local network service and this client program needing to access it. I am running them both as an unprivileged user.

I am looking for a way to sandbox the client using firejail, in a way that it cannot access network, except for localhost (or even better, except for that service). first thing I tried was of course

firejail --net=lo program

But it didn’t work.

Error: cannot attach to lo device

I think I could work around it by creating a virtual network interface, for example veth0 and veth1, moving veth1 to a new network namespace in which I’d run the service and using firejail to restrain the client to veth0

Is there a way to actually automate this setting in a firejail profile, so that all of these interfaces are created and veth1 is moved when I type

firejail server

(without having to run anything as root)?

Or is there a simpler way solve this problem? (I cannot run both the client and the service in the same namespace, because the service needs to access the network)


I would use and option kind of like:

firejail --interface=eth0.vlan100 --ip=someipaddress someprogram

Support for ipvlan driver was introduced in Linux kernel 3.19.

Found Here: man firejail | Firejail

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  • That command doesn't work for me, it gives the error "Error: no network device configured" – pdw Dec 6 '18 at 11:13
  • You still have to set up that virtual interface. That command is given as an example, I have no idea what your network interface is it could be eth0 wlan0 or eth1, wlan1 etc.... – Michael Prokopec Dec 6 '18 at 16:09

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