When you press prefix + s or prefix + w, tmux displays preview window for windows.

How to disable this feature completely. I find it pretty annoying.


You may rebind the s and w keys.

The default key bindings are

  • choose-tree -Zs for s
  • choose-tree -Zw for w

Adding -N to these would make the preview not show up:

bind-key s choose-tree -ZsN
bind-key w choose-tree -ZwN

This would go in your ~/.tmux.conf file, but you may activate it in the current session for testing with

tmux bind-key s choose-tree -ZsN
tmux bind-key w choose-tree -ZwN

on the shell's command line.

Would you want to see the preview at some point, just press v after executing the choose-tree command with prefix+w/s.

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