I confused with GNU coreutils and GNU Bash,

I have installed Bash GNU Project - Free Software Foundation,
Should I install Coreutils - GNU core utilities

How could I distinguish them?

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    Bash is a shell, coreutils is a bunch of commands you run from a shell. What actual problem are you trying to solve? – Philip Kendall Oct 27 '18 at 6:40

GNU coreutils provides implementations of the core utilities found on any Unix system, such as ls, cp, nice, tr etc.

Bash is a shell. An interactive shell will give you a command prompt from which you can type in commands. Bash (like all Unix shells) can also execute shell scripts.

Bash and GNU coreutils are maintained as two separate projects1.

If you are using macOS, then you are likely already running the bash shell (albeit a quite old release of it). With Homebrew, you may install a newer version (brew install bash).

Homebrew also provides GNU coreutils (brew install coreutils). Installing GNU coreutils through Homebrew on macOS will give you access to all GNU core utilities with a g prefix, such as gls, gmkdir etc. (or you may read the installation message and enable them without this prefix).

1 Other common utilities, such as GNU awk (gawk on non-Linux systems), GNU sed (gsed on non-Linux systems), and GNU find (often gfind on non-Linux systems) are also maintained as separate projects and are therefore available as separate packages. With Homebrew on macOS, you would install the three packages gawk, gnu-sed, and findutils to get access to these three particular GNU commands.

  • so coreutils are not a bash? – DummyHead Oct 27 '18 at 7:02
  • @avirate bash is not part of coreutils, no. – Kusalananda Oct 27 '18 at 7:16

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