I have many empty folders that I do not want to delete but move to a subfolder called "my_empty_folders". How can I do that in a shell script?

  • You can use find command in combination with -type , -empty and -exec options. Give it a try by yourself. – George Vasiliou Oct 23 '18 at 11:00
  • I've already tried it myself (look for the question "moving folder older than 30 days to another folder"), unfortunately that's not working. – Karina Oct 23 '18 at 11:16

You can use find:

find / -empty -type d -exec mv {} /path/to/my_empty_folders \;
  • Thank you. Unfortunately, empty folders that contain more empty folders are not moved. Example: A folder called "1" contains the empty folders "2", "3" and "4". 2,3,4 are being moved, but folder 1 remains at its original location. I can work around the problem of double executing the command, but I do not want that. Any advice? – Karina Oct 23 '18 at 16:10
  • 1
    @Karina Folder that contain another folder is not empty! You can write more advanced script and build list of directories to remove – mrc02_kr Oct 23 '18 at 16:26

You do not need a shell script, but just a single command.

 $ man mv
 $ mv file1 file2 file3 -t <destination/path>

For instance, if your directories are called empty_1, empty_2, empty_3, just do

mv empty* -t <destination/path>

  • And how do you know which directories are empty? – mrc02_kr Oct 23 '18 at 11:00
  • he/she said she had many different empty directories. So he/she already knows. Why the downvote? – llIIIIIllllIIIIlllII Oct 23 '18 at 11:07

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