I use lxc-create -n Test -f t -t busybox to create a lxc-container on Archlinux, just get an error

Error creating container Test

nothing else.

The template lxc-busybox comes from the lxc package from ArchLinux. How do I know what am I doing wrong?

  • Use the logpriority and logfile options with lxc-create to add more information to your post. Oct 26, 2018 at 16:40

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  • lxc-update-config -c /path/to/config may help fix configuration problems if a template is not generating current lxc api keywords.
  • For a better supported small container option install an Alpine Linux lxc container (which usesbusybox for init)
  • Using the pre-built download templates will also give you less problems:

lxc-create -t download -n test

& choose a supported distribution / version / arch:


Using image from local cache
Unpacking the rootfs

You just created an Alpinelinux 3.9 x86_64 (20190412_13:00) container.

[laptop /srv/lxc]# pacman -Ss lxc

community/lxc 1:3.1.0-1 [installed]
    Linux Containers

[laptop /srv/lxc]# du -h /srv/lxc/test | tail -n 1
9.5M    /srv/lxc/test

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