I add the xdotool commands to .xbindkeysrc. The commands for mouse work, such as

"xdotool mousemove 200 200"

but I keys do not work, such as

"xdotool key x"

What can be the reason that the first command works perfectly, but the second command not. When pressing Q key, instead of typing X, it does nothing (it just prevernts the default behaviour of Q key).

Mouse to key commands also work, such as

"xdotool key x"

The problem is not the xdotool command, as the following command works in the terminal

xdotool key x

This works for me:

xdotool sleep 0.2 key x

I'm not sure why it seems related to timing, but perhaps due to the overhead of, in my case, xbindkeys calling sh or bash and wmctrl.

  • Definitely something strange going on with the timing. Even with the sleep 0.2, you have to hit the keys just right to get it to work. – alrob Feb 24 at 4:01

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