In each CPU device directory (/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*) there is a directory called thermal_throttle that contains two counters called:



What are the meanings of these counters?

The results I'm seeing seem to be contradicting my initial understanding of those counters given their descriptive names or I'm just missing something.

I have a laptop with a single quad-core Intel CPU w/ hyperthreading. So eight logical CPUs overall. The values of the two previously mentioned counters are:

cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/thermal_throttle/package_throttle_count: 1635649 1635647 1635649 1635648 1635648 1635650 1635650 1635649

cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/thermal_throttle/core_throttle_count: 0 368902 0 1288449 0 368902 0 1288451

My understanding of 'package' was that it referred to the entire CPU chip/socket. Thus, I would have expected the package_throttle_count values to be all equal, but instead, there are four unique values, albeit very close in value. At first, I thought maybe the values could just be changing between each call to cat for each CPU, but they are pretty much static.

Then for the core_throttle_count I have four zeros and four other non-zero values. I would have expected an equal counter value on each CPU that share a physical core.

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