I'm running Linux Mint 19 on a laptop Gateway NV51M and I have installed Civilization iv on Steam using Proton.

The game runs out of box.

But after I (or the PC) build Stonehenge wonder (Important: this wonder centers the map). The screen turns into a black screen.

The game does not crash, I can hear the music, and use the shortcuts for units. But I don't see anything.

I can't access to the world map, and if I press F10, I access to the city control but everything is black as well.

  • sounds like a window manager problem. This event plays a full-screen video, so perhaps there is some buffer, driver or library missing. – Bruce Becker Oct 21 '18 at 5:44

I've got the same issue in Ubuntu 18.04.2. Updating wine with these components help me to fix it:

winetricks d3dx9 corefonts msxml3 msxml4

Probably, only msxml4 might be needed.

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