I am working with a Java app that has been labeled with its own SELinux type. Java executes it as unconfined_t instead of the labeled type.

Java is labeled as bin_t (ls -Z /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-openjdk-

However ps -efZ | grep java shows it running as unconfined_t.

How can I get java to run as bin_t? How can I get the java app to runwith the correct context?

The goal is to have the application run in it's own context or at least as bin_t as it is launched by Java.

Distribution is CentOS 7.


bin_t is a file type, not a process domain. A process enters confined domain via entry point, which often is an executable labeled with an entry point file type, for example httpd_exec_t for httpd daemon.

Entry points are defined in the policy. If you have policy which defines a process domain, it likely also defines the entry point. Label the executable (script etc) you use to start your application with correct entry point label.

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