I need to write a bash script which will be able to return elapsed time, RAM usage and CPU usage of executed script.

my script:

STARTTIME=$(date +%s%N)

#here is script which needs to be executed

ENDTIME=$(date +%s%N)

echo Elapsed time: $(($(($ENDTIME - $STARTTIME))/1000000))ms

Elapsed time works, but how to do the rest?

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Look for the /usr/bin/time (GNU time) and its supported formatting options that you could do something like:

$ /usr/bin/time -f 'Elapsed time: %es\nMemory usage: %M KB\nCPU usage: %P' echo 'Hello World!'
Hello World!
Elapsed time: 0.02s
Memory usage: 672 KB
CPU usage: 57%

see man time for more formatting options.

  • please mention that that (GNU) time command will have to be explicitly installed; at least on debian and centos, it's not installed by default. (there is a /usr/bin/time on *bsd, but it doesn't support any formatting options). – mosvy Oct 19 '18 at 17:50

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