I am trying to install Debian 9.5 on my company's server. Problem ! I can't install it without the GUI (I don't need it and I don't want it to be there).

I tried all this .iso and the installation process is not giving me the choice of programs to install (as referred in this similar question )

I found a lot of blog posts talking about installing the debian from the netinstall .iso BUT this suppose that the server is already connected to internet (Not in my case)


Yesterday I installed Debian 9.5 without installing X (during installation) using the netinstall iso, but I'm quite sure it uses the same installer as full cds/dvds. It did the last time I tried any of those.

I think your problem might be that you're using live images. They are probably geared to install something very similar to what they present, and they all have a desktop environment in their name.

Try going to Getting Debian and follow the link to "A larger complete installation image", from there you should be able to download some cd/dvd images from which you can install without an internet connection.

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