I have a lot of rar files

- Folder/
--- Spain.rar
--- Germany.rar
--- Italy.rar

All the files contains no root folder so it's just files.

What I want to achieve when extracting is this structure:

- Folder/
-- Spain/
---- Spain_file1.txt
---- Spain_file2.txt
-- Germany/
---- Germany_file1.txt
---- Germany_file2.txt
-- Italy/
---- Italy_file1.txt
---- Italy_file2.txt

So that a folder with the name of the archive is created and the archive is extracted to it.

I found this bash example in another thread but it's not working for me, it's trying to create one folder with all the files as name.


for archive in "$(find . -name '*.rar')"; do
  if [ ! -d "$destination" ] ; then mkdir "$destination"; fi
  unrar e "$archive" "$destination"

Any ideas how I can do this?


I have a script in my personal archive that does exactly this. More precisely, it extracts e.g. Spain.rar to a new directory called Spain, except that if all the files in Spain.rar are already under the same top-level directory, then this top-level directory is kept.


# Extract the archive $1 to a directory $2 with the program $3. If the
# archive contains a single top-level directory, that directory
# becomes $2. Otherwise $2 contains all the files at the root of the
# archive.
extract () (
  set -e
  case "$archive" in
    -) :;; # read from stdin
    /*) :;; # already an absolute path
    *) archive=$PWD/$archive;; # make absolute path
  if [ -e "$target" ]; then
    echo >&2 "Target $target already exists, aborting."
    return 3
  case "$target" in
    /*) parent=${target%/*};;
    */[!/]*) parent=$PWD/${target%/*};;
    *) parent=$PWD;;
  temp=$(TMPDIR="$parent" mktemp -d)
  (cd "$temp" && $program "$archive")
  for member in "$temp/"* "$temp/".*; do
    case "$member" in */.|*/..) continue;; esac
    if [ -n "$root" ] || ! [ -d "$member" ]; then
      root=$temp # There are multiple files or there is a non-directory
  if [ -z "$root" ]; then
    # Empty archive
  mv -v -- "$root" "$target"
  if [ "$root" != "$temp" ]; then
    rmdir "$temp"

# Extract the archive $1.
process () {
  case "$1" in
    *.rar|*.RAR) program="unrar x";;
    *.tar|*.tgz|*.tbz2) program="tar -xf";;
    *.tar.gz|*.tar.bz2|*.tar.xz) program="tar -xf"; dir=${dir%.*};;
    *.zip|*.ZIP) program="unzip";;
    *) echo >&2 "$0: $1: unsupported archive type"; exit 4;;
  if [ -d "$dir" ]; then
    echo >&2 "$0: $dir: directory already exists"
    exit 1
  extract "$1" "$dir" "$program"

for x in "$@"; do
  process "$x"

Usage (after installing this script in your $PATH under the name extract and making it executable):

extract Folder/*.rar
  • This looks pretty awesome and I think this is what I need. But I am having trouble getting it to work. There seems to be something wrong with the way unrar is being called. When I run it, I get the usage example. It creates a lot of tmp folders but the extractions fails. What version of unrar did you use this on? – Dennis Wiencken Oct 19 '18 at 12:43
  • @DennisWiencken Evidently I'd never tried this version with anything but zip. Try my fixed version. – Gilles Oct 19 '18 at 13:04
  • Works like a charm now! Thank you for the help! – Dennis Wiencken Oct 19 '18 at 13:40

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