I run a ps command inside a startup script, if I put in:

ps -A -o euser,pid...

I get this output:

EUSER      PID CMD                         %CPU   RSS    SZ     ELAPSED 
root       644 ./code                       0.0   996  2963       00:00

It's there each time.

If I run:

ps -C ./code -o euser....

it does not display anything at all.

Any suggestions?

  • Did you literally type “ps -A -o euser,pid...” and “ps -C ./code -o euser....”? I don't know of any system that accepts ... or .... here: what operating system are you using? If you actually typed something else and not the dots: copy-paste what you typed, exactly. It may be relevant. And do tell us which unix variant you're running. Sep 9 '12 at 21:40

Try the ps -C with just the bare script name (i.e. without ./). e.g.

ps -C code -o euser....


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