I have a Debian Virtual Machine running on VMWare Pro 15. The problem is my laptop doesn't have a separate Page up and Page down key it resides under the 9 and 3 key of my keypad. When toggling numlock (I can no longer type numbers) I cannot scroll in the terminal. Page up returns nothing, the terminal knows I pressed a key but does nothing with it. And Page down just gives me a tilde (~). I tried to edit /etc/inputrc but with no luck at all.

My Keyboard layout is US International, with dead keys. Laptop: ASUS GL503VM

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Depending on what your terminal emulator is should be able to scroll in the terminal by using the following keys:

Shift + Page Up and Shift + Page Down, which you report does not work. Be mindful that the Page Down and Page Up keys could be function keys and require that you press and hold down Fn in combination with them. ( E.g. Shift + Fn + Page Up )

You should also be able to scroll line by line using Ctrl + Shift + and Ctrl + Shift + respectively.

You can change these keys, but you will need to provide what specific terminal emulator that you are using as each one will require a different method.

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