Ncurses allows to separate a single line from screen, at level of physical screen (curscr), to devote it to e.g. a title bar, thus also creating a logical screen (stdscr), devoted to application's viewport. It's the ncurses call ripoffline() that's responsible for this.

This serves as a basic explanation of my problem – I need to do the same with /dev/tty. The best for me would be to create a dummy e.g. /tmp/tty.LCRiAotf, which would wrap /dev/tty and somehow rip-off the single top or bottom line.

My master-script would use /dev/tty and provide the top-or-bottom menu bar I want to create, while say a slave-script would use /tmp/tty.LCRiAotf which is a logical tty 1-row less in height, not interfering with the menu bar.

The best would be to do this in shell script, in general in Zshell. I know it might be hard to create a wrapper tty device with command-line tools, but maybe it's possible? Other solutions are also welcomed. Is this possible?

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    It's possible, but too complex for any useful zsh/bash script. Take a look at tmux and screen. – Thomas Dickey Oct 18 '18 at 22:43

Dialog(1) and whiptail(1) are command-line programs built on the ncurses library allowing shell-script level creation of pop-up boxes, menus and such like. I do not know if they cover the specific usage you seek.


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