I came upon this code:

map () {
    eval "$initDocs"
    usage "<lambda-function> [<item>...]"
    example "'<--- \$1 --->'" a b c d
    eval "$doneDocs"
    typeset f="$1"
    map_ () {
        echo ${(e)==f}
    eval "$loopNow" map_

I do not understand what is the difference between ${(e)f} and ${(e)==f}.


From zshexpn(1):


    Perform word splitting using the rules for SH_WORD_SPLIT during the
    evaluation of spec, but regardless of whether the parameter appears
    in double quotes; if the `=' is doubled, turn it off.

In other words, specifying ${==f} explicitly turns off SH_WORD_SPLIT for this single expansion, regardless of whether it is active globally.

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