Using -line Option I get this output from SQLite:

row1_column1 = valueA
row1_column2 = valueB

row2_column1 = valueC
row2_column2 = valueD

So one line for each column value and result rows are separated by a blank line. I need to get this output in a array or list containing


Additionally non-numeric (!) values shall be enclosed by ' and '. Any simple way to do this? Thanks for any hint!


The following awk script does what you want, and even escapes quotes in strings:

BEGIN   { RS="\n\n"

function field(s)
        sub(/^[^=]*= /, "", s)
        if (match(s, /^[-][0-9]+$/) == 0) {
                gsub(/'/, "''", s)
                s = "'" s "'"
        return s

        { print field($1) "," field($2) }

(The numeric regular expression does not handle floating-point values.)

But the simplest way to do this does not use -line but SQLite's built-in SQL quoting:

sqlite3 -separator , -list my.db 'select quote(col1),quote(col2) from mytab;'
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  • the quote function is exactly what i was looking for, i had found the list option, but didn't know there is an sql statement for quoting. thank you very much! – stefan.at.wpf Sep 9 '12 at 19:27

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