I'm tying to install dns sever on ubuntu 14 , I get the error (Package 'bind9' has no installation candidate) and the get update command is not woking

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    Please elaborate; "the command is not working" is not useful. "I tried running <command> and instead of the expected output I got <xxxxxx>" is much better. – Shadur Oct 18 '18 at 9:10

First off, bind9 is pretty terrible. You really want PowerDNS instead.

Second, Ubuntu 14 is /ancient/ by internet standards. Consider upgrading to a more recent and better supported version - I think 18 is the most recent one.

Third, the "No installation candidate" issue has an explanation and possible cause in this question. Check if the solutions offered in that answer help your case.

That said, even with pdns running and administering a DNS server is a nontrivial task. Perhaps you'd be better served with explaining what you're trying to accomplish and why you think running a private DNS server is the most viable solution (See also: XY problems)

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