I have a watch on

jq -r '.' $(ls -t | head -1)"

The goal is to apply "jq -r '.'" to the most recently modified file in directory. Unfortunately, the command used to know the last modified file is evaluated when watch is launched, but not at refresh. How should i write it, so that all of the command is reevaluated at each refresh ?



If you pass the command in single quotes it will be expanded on each cycle of watch rather than when you run the watch command, for example:

watch echo $(date)

watch 'echo $(date)'

The first command will print the original date over and over, the second command will run the date on each cycle and print a different date.

This is because you are passing the literal string echo $(date) to the watch command, which runs it each cycle and echos the correct date. If you don't use quotes, the shell will expand the $(date) and replace it with the output of the date command and pass that to watch, so it will print the same output over and over.

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