Opening a new terminal and typing the command firefox& inside, ps -l gives :

4 R  1000 23132 23104 99  80   0 - 2177945 -    pts/27   00:00:07 firefox

If the shell is closed with the command exit, the firefox child process becomes an orphan but stays open with PPID 1.

The result of ps -el|grep firefox is then :

4 S  1000 23132     1 14  80   0 - 2233312 poll_s ?      00:00:21 firefox

But if the terminal is closed (instead of closing the shell with exit), firefox is closed as well.

What is happening there ? Is SIGTERM sent to the terminal, the bash shell and all child processes ?

Is there a command that has the same effect as closing the terminal that can be used in the shell ?

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