I started to use Linux Mint 13 MATE a few days ago. What frustrates me most is that I can't found anywhere to change my input language. In Windows, it is easy, just Ctrl+Shift. How can I configure the input and switch between them? Specifically I need a Chinese Traditional Input - Quick.

  • @Gilles Why did you delete the content about the input option? I provided it so that IF someone knows there ain't no Chinese Traditional - Quick input in Linux, he/she would tell me so. Sep 10, 2012 at 6:26
  • I made a typo that caused the end of the question to be invisible, sorry. I've fixed it now. Sep 10, 2012 at 6:56

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Check out about ibus-setup, shortcut of Enable or disable

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System Tools ⇒ System Settings ⇒ Language Support ⇒ Install / Remove Languages


There are a few steps involved, as ibus and ibus-pinyin are not installed by default.

  1. Install Chinese Language support via "Language Support" in the Control Center
  2. Install the ibus and ibus-pinyin packages (using Synaptic or apt)
  3. Reopen "Language Support" and change keyboard input to ibus
  4. Run System Tools > ibus and select either pinyin or bopomofo as your input method
  5. I had to restart at this point
  6. Ctrl+Space is the default shortcut to activate ibus input

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