I have my own dhcp server with dnsmasq on a network wit both IPv4 and IPv6. Everything has been working fine. Now I would like to it to offer different DNS Server addresses than the default for my wife's computer, based on her MAC address.

I was able to do it on IPv4 (see below), but IPv6 continues to point to my dhcp server.

I've read DNSMasq - Different Responses for Specific MAC Addresses and it is a good start, but the bugaboo is that the IPv6 server address hasn't changed.

Under /etc/dnsmasq.d I created 03-bypass.conf and it's working thus:


On my wife's computer, the DNS servers are as shown above ( and But there's also the IPv6 entry which is my dhcp server.

I tried this:


But it didn't seem to make a difference. As a matter of fact, with only that option, or even with both sets in place, those customizations seem to be ignored (her DNS servers are set to my DHCP/DNS server for both IPv4 and IPv6). But the dnsmasq daemon does not show any errors or warnings.

Any ideas? I have yet to find any discussion of this issue online. Thanks.

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