LispWorks Personal Edition is cross-platform development tool for Common Lisp.

I did a small research, looking for any simple installation guide, but I found only this and this. After following these instructions LispWorks works, but it doesn't follow system-wide GTK theme.

LispWorks PE with default gtk theme


I'm going to write and share a simple complex guide, how to install and configure LispWorks Personal Edition on Debian-like 64bit systems (amd64 architecture). The procedure will be similar on all other 64bit distributions, but with the use of specific package managers and package names.

If you don't have sudo installed, run commands as root.

1. Enable multiarch

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt update

2. Download and install LispWorks

Open this url, fill in the form below, and follow Installation using tar files.

Default installation path is /usr/local/lib/LispWorksPersonal/.

Installation will not create desktop launcher integrated in system. If you need launcher, point 5 in this guide will help you.

3. Install dependencies

Following package is necessary for the proper running of the program.

sudo apt install libgtk2.0-0:i386

Next packages allow you change GTK theme for LispWorks.

sudo apt install gnome-themes-extra:i386 gtk-chtheme:i386

4. Choose your system-wide GTK theme

Run this as normal user in terminal:


and choose theme which you want.

enter image description here

5. Create desktop launcher (optional)

You can use graphic tool likes Menulibre or Alacarte or create launcher by yourself in any text editor. Check this.

Execution path will be: /usr/local/lib/LispWorksPersonal/lispworks-personal-6-1-1-x86-linux

6. Set icons-only for LispWorks toolbars (optional)

Launch LispWorks and for a better look you can select in top panel Works / Customize / Toolbar and here in Display select-box choose Image. You must do this for all windows you use. Toolbars will have more compact look.

enter image description here

7. Configure environment (optional)

Go to Works / Tools / Preferences / Environment and in the Emulation tab choose Editor keys like KDE/Gnome and in the File Encoding tab select in both left select-boxes UTF-8.

I'm currently trying to find a way to change the icon-theme in LispWorks.

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