I'd like to have a redshift-style effect on my laptop screen but where I truly remove all green and blue light, leaving only red. I've experimented with redshift, which doesn't seem to take it all the way, only redder, but neither it seems does xcalib... I had thought I could get this by running this:

xcalib -blue 1 0 1 -a
xcalib -green 1 0 1 -a

But that seems to turn the screen orange rather than red -- perhaps it reduces the contrast in both directions (so makes the bottom end brighter too?). I'm confident that I'm right, and that that isn't a trick of the light, because if i run instead

xcalib -red 1 99 1 -a

...then my black terminal turns definitely the sort of red that I wanted.

Is there any way that I can achieve what I want -- effectively, cut out all blue and green light?

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