Hello all I have a text file (1.txt) that contains full paths to binaries which I need to execute a command (val_bin) for each path in the file.

1.txt Example:


Command Example: val_bin- Creates an html file for every record in 1.txt

val_bin -output <DESTINATION.html> -path </source/ed/dev/ed/ab/ed_len/comercial/bin/APP1.bin>

where -output should have the path where the html files will be created after each time the command ends ("DESTINATION"). where -output should specify name.bin.html (e.g. App1.bin.html)

where -path needs to be the entire path fed into the command

example output: (where /tmp is the destination of the html files)

> ll /tmp

Ive tried several different loop options but now am investigating pure awk.


No scripting required.

xargs -I NAME val_bin -output /tmp/$(basename NAME).html -path NAME < 1.txt
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I'm guessing you want this:

while IFS= read -r bin; do
    if [[ ! -f "$bin" ]]; then
        printf "No such file: %s\n" "$bin"
        output="$dest_dir/$(basename "$bin").html"
        val_bin -output "$output" -path "$bin"
done < 1.txt
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