My laptop has screen resolution of 1366x768 but I want to create an X display with a higher resolution and scroll around it.

It was possible in Windows where the drivers and the graphics card allowed it.

Can the same be done in Linux?


Yes. Assuming that the screen of your laptop is LVDS-1 (get the real name with xrandr | grep -w connected):

xrandr --output LVDS-1 --panning 2732x1536

But simple application windows can be larger than the root window or the screen even without that. You can check with

xclock -geometry 2732x1536

if xclock(1) is installed and the window manager doesn't get in the way.


Actually, there are two ways to do that:

  • Create a window that is larger than the X framebuffer, and move around the windows origin with help of the window manager (or otherwise, for example directly in the application).

  • Create an X framebuffer that is larger than the resolution of your monitor, and have X display a viewport into the framebuffer with the monitor's resolution, and then move around the viewport. There can be multiple viewports for multiple monitors (e.g. using xrandr). You can also make the initial setup permanent with a custom xorg.conf.

You can also combine those methods.

(Note that the question asks if it can be done, not about details how to do it, and in particular it doesn't specify a method).

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