Based on this blog post, I'd like to use Ctrl + ijkl as cursor keys, without losing other common keybindings such as Ctrl + s, Ctrl + a, etc.

Using xkb, is there a way to remap Ctrl + i, Ctrl + j, Ctrl + k, and Ctrl + l to Up, Left, Down, Right without changing the meaning of Ctrl + other key?

Ideally, these new bindings would only apply when pressing the left Ctrl key; pressing the right control key + ijkl should send the usual commands (e.g. Right Ctrl + j should process the current command in bash). Same for Caps lock, which I remapped to Ctrl: Caps lock + j not be mapped to Left.

Using the suggestions at ask.fedoraproject.org, I managed to remap Ctrl+ijkl, but I didn't find a way to make it so the the remapping only applies to Left control (instead, it applies to Left Control, Right Control, and Caps Lock)

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