If I have a tree of files, under say /usr/share/appname/, how can I install them all recursively with GNU install and mode 644?

I'm assuming that I'll first need to have install create the directories with -d as the directory permissions will need to be different (755).

Surely this isn't the solution:

  local dir file
  for dir in "${dirs_with_files[@]}"; do
    for file in "$srcdir/$dir"/*; do
      # install fails if given a directory, so check:
      [[ -f $file ]] && install -Dm644 -t "$dir" "$file"

There’s no magic incantation to make install install files recursively. install might not be the best tool in this scenario: you might be better off using cp to copy the files and directory structure, and then chmod to fix up the modes.

  • Or use rsync, e.g. rsync -av --no-o --no-g source target/ – reinierpost Nov 7 at 18:04

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