I have tow native zfs pools of a 2T harddisk of mirror 1 on my home desktop pc. But there are 658 kernel threads of z_fr_iss1,z_ioctl_iss z_ioctl_int z_zvol z_iput z_rd_int z_null_iss z_null_int z_cl_int z_cl_iss and etc. I want to know whether it is normal in zfs file system.

$ lsmod |grep zfs
zfs                  2692910  5 
zunicode              331170  1 zfs
zcommon                55411  1 zfs
znvpair                89170  2 zfs,zcommon
spl                    96165  3 zfs,zcommon,znvpair
zavl                   15236  1 zfs

$ ps -Af |grep z_|wc
    658    5266   40009

Yes, it is normal. Every system I have set up using ZFS appears like this.

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