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I noticed this when booting the arch linux ISO:

  1. e.g. type shift at prompt
  2. then press tab
  3. auto-completion list pops-up below (inside red rectangle in screenshot)
  4. press tab tab
  5. use arrow keys to navigate

I installed arch linux a few years ago, I run updates regularly, I installed bash-completion, but I have not got this feature.

What's the name or how do I get this feature or how do I set it up correctly?

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    Are you sure it's bash? Last time I built an Arch system, the .iso used zsh, which was configured with this kind of auto-completion...
    – Mio Rin
    Oct 12 '18 at 17:00

The Arch ISO uses Zsh and the grml config. This is documented on the wiki:

To get the same setup as the monthly ISO releases (which use Zsh by default), install grml-zsh-config. It includes the many tweaks and advanced optimizations from grml.

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