I am trying to add an entry in KDE Menu Editor, that executes a command in terminal, and return to prompt in the opened terminal.

The result: new terminal is opened, the command is executed but no return to prompt, and no response but just closing the terminal (even Ctrl+D or Ctrl+C cause no action). enter image description here

The command I tried is: konsole --hold -e "hping --help" Adding & at the end didn't help.

How to add a "command to run in terminal and return to prompt" as an entry in the KDE application menu?

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I found the Answer:

  1. Uncheck the option 'Run in terminal' in KDE Menu Editor
  2. Call bash to execute command
  3. Append ;$SHELL to the end

    konsole -e "bash -c 'hping --help;$SHELL'"

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