I have a data partition (ext4 filesystem) that I mount onto /data, with my user account (the one I use across all distros, same username, same uid and in the wheel group) and the wheel group being its owner, and symlink to the appropriate locations on my home directory. Until I started to use it as a home partition for a few distros (e.g. openSUSE Tumbleweed) everything was going fine, with merely symlinking everything. There were no permission issues. The issue I'm about to describe seems to have begun when I started using it on /home.

After booting Arch I choose to boot openSUSE Tumbleweed and even though it is no longer mounted on /home, only on /data is it mounted, its ownership and file ownership is changed from fusion809:wheel to 1000:998 with 1000 being my users' uid on all my distros. Unfortunately, with this change many files and directories become read-only or unreadable, which is odd given the uid situation. As a result I have to run sudo chown fusion809:wheel /data and other commands to correct it (as this command doesn't change ownership for all subdirectories or files, adding the -R option doesn't fix this either), which is tedious and irritating. I get similar ownership difficulties (can't remember the precise permissions ls -ld showed) when I've booted Arch. To be clear, this doesn't just occur when I switch between distros, this also occurs when I boot Tumbleweed after booting Tumbleweed and boot Arch after Arch.

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