Basically, we had a huge file dump at work and every time I try to copy it over drag and drop style it times out and i have spend a few minutes trying to figure out what/where to copy.

So I decided to setup an mget and let it run over night and it got a decent chunk of the data, but I still need to grab the remaining files.

I don't have write access to the FTP site so I can't do what I was thinking of doing of just making a copy of the folder with the data, delete the data I already copied and run mget from there. I did some digging around and found out about LFTP command.

So steps are, basically:

  • LFTP and login to ftp site
  • Folder is buried within folder structure, CD into the right spot (right?)
  • use following code:

    mirror --only-missing "/local_folder/" "/FTP_folder/"



  1. the reasons I cd into the folder is that it's a super long and complicated file path, if i do this, do i need to specify the ftp folder since i am there?
  2. is the syntax correct?
  3. I just want this to grab what isn't in the folder on my desktop already since I know this connection will time out with the amount of files there are and how big they are.
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    Not an answer to your question, but consider using rsync in the future to make a copy of a bunch of files, copying only the changes. However, you'll need SSH access instead of FTP access. – dirkt Oct 11 '18 at 7:07

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