Being on Linux I have "CPUAffinity= 0 1 3" set in system.conf. I also use "taskset -cp 2 $pid" to assign a CPU to a single process. But what does the CPU consumption for the process in top now mean? Let's say it is 20%. Is it 20% for the single CPU or 20% for all CPUs?

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From man

´I´ :Irix/Solaris_Mode_toggle

 When operating in ’Solaris mode’ (’I’ toggled Off), a task’s cpu usage will be divided by the total number of CPUs.  After issuing this command, you’ll be informed of the new
          state of this toggle.
  • while Irix ON - It shows the total usage of CPU for the task. ( sum of % of all CPU )
  • while Irix OFF - It will show the usage of CPU per core for the task. ( % per CPU )

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