I have this json file:

"[{\"id\":188457,\"title\":\"Painted Dragon Tea Mug with Lid\",\"slug\":\"painted-dragon-tea-mug-with-lid\",\"image\":\"https:\\\/\\\/thievemedia.imgix.net\\\/2018\\\/09\\\/painted-dragon-tea-mug-with-lid-featured-1.jpg\",\"full_image_url\":\"https:\\\/\\\/s3.amazonaws.com\\\/thieve-media\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2018\\\/09\\\/painted-dragon-tea-mug-with-lid-featured-1.jpg\",\"large_image_url\":\"https:\\\/\\\/s3.amazonaws.com\\\/thieve-media\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2018\\\/09\\\/painted-dragon-tea-mug-with-lid-featured-1.jpg\",\"medium_image_url\":\"https:\\\/\\\/s3.amazonaws.com\\\/thieve-media\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2018\\\/09\\\/painted-dragon-tea-mug-with-lid-featured-1.jpg\",\"original_price\":\"19.78\",\"price\":\"13.65\",\"discount\":\"30.99\",\"rating\":\"4.7\",\"total_orders\":\"10\",\"promotion_url\":\"https:\\\/\\\/api.thieve.co\\\/view?id=MzI4NTk0Njg0MDE=\",\"product_like_count\":\"100\",\"product_user_likes\"}]

How can I extract only the titles with jq?

  • That's not valid JSON -- it is a JS string containing escape sequences, so you'll first have to remove those escapes with eg. sed 's/^"//;s/"$//;s/\\\(.\)/\1/g' – JigglyNaga Oct 9 '18 at 18:51

The query '.[] | {title}' will give you just the title elements (but note that your sample document seems to be malformed), assuming your document is in a file called data.json:

$ jq '.[] | {title}' data.json
    "title": "Painted Dragon Tea Mug with Lid"

The first part of the query, '.[]', returns each object in the top-level array, and these are then sent to the second part, using the | operator. The second part of the query, {title}, simply extracts the "title" element from the object.

If you want just the title, as a string, without wrapping the results in a JSON object, use this instead:

$ jq '.[] | .["title"]' data.json
"Painted Dragon Tea Mug with Lid"

The jq tutorial offers a good overview of the query language.

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