I am looking to run multiple instances of my docker container, and have each container re-run every 30 minutes.

I have a conf file in a src directory the docker container needs to pull from to be able to run. For example


docker run -v ~/example.com/conf:/opt/tool/conf --rm -it sdok

Where example.com/conf: is the place the container will need to pull the conf file from in order to run.

I have multiple example.com directories... 3-4 of them.

My bash script would look something like:


cd /home
docker run -v ~/example.com/conf:/opt/tool/conf --rm -it sdok
docker run -v ~/example.com1/conf:/opt/tool/conf --rm -it sdok
docker run -v ~/example.com2/conf:/opt/tool/conf --rm -it sdok
docker run -v ~/example.com3/conf:/opt/tool/conf --rm -it sdok
docker run -v ~/example.com4/conf:/opt/tool/conf --rm -it sdok

After, I would just cron the sdok.sh script and let it run every 30 minutes. Is there a better way to do this?

*/30 * * * * cd /home/wraiith75/bugbounty/tool/example.com && ./sdok.sh

Please let me know, thanks!

  1. Why -it? -d would be more appropriate
  2. With --rm you lose the logs, and won't have a clue in case of problems.
  3. Using a docker-compose file instead of a script could be better (you keep restarting the same containers, and keep the logs)
  4. If you keep the bash script you can write it as a loop over your example.com* directories.

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