I just downloaded the tarball for Sage from here: http://mirrors.mit.edu/sage/linux/64bit/index.html

I then unzipped it with bunzip2 which created a folder /SageMath so I cd into that. Then I run sudo make and it tells me that I cannot make as root,

configure: error: You cannot build Sage as root, switch to an unpriviledged user

So then I just run make and it complains

./configure: line 2107: config.log: Permission denied
./configure: line 2117: config.log: Permission denied

So it kind of seems like a catch-22. Weirdly, in few or none of the instructions I've found did they even say to run make, they just said to enter the command sage which also throws an error and requests that you run make. So I've found this whole process very confusing.

  • Presumably you unzipped it as root (since the target directory was /)? Try starting over, but unzipping it in your unprivileged user's home directory, without sudo – steeldriver Oct 6 '18 at 22:41
  • @steeldriver Yep, that did it. Now it complains Makefile:31: recipe for target 'base-toolchain' failed and I can't find any info about that error. I think I downloaded all the prerequisites, which is my only guess about why I'd get this error. I can make a separate question if that's best. – Addem Oct 6 '18 at 23:08

You did a bunch of steps as root before you ran make, so now make doesn't have permission to write files it needs to write, since root owns things that you need to own. Either chown -R the whole SageMath directory to yourself, or just delete it all and start over without doing anything as root.

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