How can I send F1..F12 especially F10 in gtkterm? I have to press F10 at the right moment to select the boot menu of an APU2 system.


This may not be the answer you're looking for, but don't use gtkterm.

Use eg. screen /dev/ttyS0 from a terminal, and if that terminal is the "GNOME Terminal", disable the F10 accelerator key from Edit -> Preferences.

If you insist on using gtkterm, you may try pressing ESC[21~ in order, but it may not work if don't press them fast enough ;-)


Alternatively, add a macros = F5::<literal-esc>[21~ line in the [default] section of ~/.gtktermrc and then press F5 in order to send an F10:

$ perl -ne 'print; print "macros  = F5::\e[21~\n" if /^\[default/' -i  ~/.gtktermrc
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