Always when I want to execute my script, I need to confirm that I want to run it in terminal. Is there a way to easily skip that, or set this as default?

I am using Nemo file manager (Mint)

  • This question is offtopic as it is not about Unix and Linux, but more about your file manager. You might find some help here: superuser.com/questions/763554/… – Panki Oct 5 '18 at 7:53
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    @Panki This question seems fine to me. Users can ask about "Applications packaged in *nix distributions". There's even a tag for nemo. I'm not even sure if this is related to nemo, or just the DE itself. – Sparhawk Oct 5 '18 at 8:08

Instead of putting your executable scripts on the Desktop, create a separate directory for them. Traditionally this has been $HOME/bin but I understand it's now something like $HOME/.local/bin. Either way, you can also add this directory to your $PATH in ~/.bash_profile or other startup file.

As an example, consider an executable script, $HOME/bin/thing.

Now, instead of having your executable on the Desktop, you create a launcher. You can do this either graphically by right-clicking on the Desktop and following the prompts to run $HOME/bin/thing in a Terminal or you can create the file manually:

cat <<'X' >"$HOME/Desktop/Thing.desktop"
[Desktop Entry]

(You could substitute Exec=.local/bin/thing if appropriate.)

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