I expected this:

nc -l localhost 7000 </dev/null &
nc localhost 7000 </etc/profile

and this

nc -l localhost 7000 </etc/profile &
nc localhost 7000 </dev/null

to finish after printing my /etc/profile but both command groups end up getting stuck (both processes in the first case; in the second case, the server finishes but the client does not).

Why don't the commands finish?

Is this a bug in my nc/Linux (4.15)? I tried it on MacOS and Cygwin and only the Linux commands aren't finishing.


I'm using netcat and not gnu-netcat; I'm not sure what version you're using, but if it's gnu-netcat the options might be different.

I have a -q option:

-q seconds after EOF is detected, wait the specified number of seconds then quit

So, if I do:

$ nc -l localhost -p 7000 -q 0 < /etc/passwd

Followed by:

$ nc localhost 7000

Then I get the content of /etc/passwd on the second terminal, and both instances of nc terminate.

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