I've installed TeamSpeak 3 to $HOME/Applications and I've created a custom desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=TeamSpeak 3
Comment=VOIP Client
Exec=bash ts3client_runscript.sh

This shows up perfectly in Gnome 3 and I can pin the application to my sidebar:

screenshot 1

However, when I click the icon to launch TeamSpeak, the launched application spawns a new icon rather than being bound to the icon I pressed:

screenshot 2

Why does this happen? What mechanism does Gnome 3 use to decide which running applications are bound to which sidebar icons? Is there anything I can do to make this work?

My first guess was that it's because the actual application isn't launched directly, but through a bash script. I tried adding exec to the runscript to make the application be the direct child of the launcher, but it didn't make a difference.


I was able to fix it by adding this to my .desktop file:


xprop can also be used to know the WM_CLASS.

Source: https://askubuntu.com/a/635839

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