I want to exclude folders which are already on a remote server (i.e. test/xyz) and I want to run rsync from my source server where I have test1/xyz folder so I don't want to overwrite xyz folder on remote side.

Also I want to update the files if there any files deleted/added on source server that will be deleted/added on the remote server, but excluding the test/xyz folder.

I have tried below command to exclude the remote directory but it copies excluded directory and files on remote directory.

rsync -ave ssh --exclude=remotedirectory root@IPADDRESS:remotepath --delete sourcepath

Any ideas, please?

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You have 2 ways.

  1. Just --exclude=dir and there is no difference if it's local or remote, as you anyway do not want to sync it.
  2. Use --rsync-path='rsync --exclude=dir' and remote rsync will be executed with that exclude option.

This should work:

rsync -av --delete --exclude=/xyz/ sourcepath/ root@IPADDRESS:remotepath/

That will exclude "xyz" when it occurs in the root of "sourcepath", and is a directory (the trailing "/" ensures that).

The trailing slashes on the source and destination directories are important. Without that the second rsync run would create a new folder "remotepath/sourcepath", which is probably not what you want.

Also, you had the source and destination parameters the wrong way around, according to you description (but the confusion could be mine).

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