I have a VeraCrypt volume mounted from an external hard drive and the thumbnails for >90% of the files don't seem to load. Only the first few load then the rest show a clock icon. When I open the file, however, everything is fine. I recently reinstalled Linux Mint.

Here is what the directory looks like when I open it:


Also the files (png, jpg, mov, mp4) are not extremely large. Many are less than 2MB. When I open the directory, the CPU and memory usage is very low.

Any ideas? I have already tried changing the setting that limits the size a file must be to have a thumbnail generated. No results.


When you are in that directory go to edit -> preferences. A popup screen should open. Go to the previewtab. Set Show Thumbnails to "Always".

Does that fixes the problem?

  • I've tried this before and it hasn't worked. – William Oct 3 '18 at 22:42

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