Using KDE Plasma 5 default launcher, when I add an application to the launcher it's icon will be present in the panel as expected. When I click the icon the application will launch as expected. The icon I clicked disappears but a new panel button for the running instance will appear.


How do I keep both the launcher icon, and keep the new panel button for the running instance on the panel such that nothing disappears? I would like to start a second running instance of an application by clicking the launcher icon.


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If your plasma workspace layout is locked, unlock it first: Right-click on desktop -> Unlock widgets.

Now open your application menu and right-click on the application you want to add a launcher for, then select Add to Panel: enter image description here

You will now have a launcher which will launch a new instance each time you click on it and will stay there regardless of running instances.

That being said, personally I do use the Launcher icons that transform into an instance button in the task manager, but I configured the Task Manager to launch a new instance on middle-click:

enter image description here

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    Your answer works perfectly. I wonder why some of my icons on my panel hide when the application is running. I will convert them all using your method. Thanks for the assistance! Commented Oct 5, 2018 at 1:12

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